Hanasa Pu Luong Resort

Where the memories begin!


Welcome to Hanasa Pu Luong Resort where remarkable landscapes meet tribal heritages. Located among two ethnic groups deep in a tropical forest, Hanasa Puluong Resort represents the inseparable connection between nature and people.

Love the world as your own self,
then you can truly care for all things



“Act first, think later” was what our founders had in mind when they decided to acquire this 2.000 m2 area. Although they had no real vision of what they wanted to do with it, they knew that somehow they wanted to preserve the natural beauty and local heritage from the kind of mass-tourism development that has overrun other beautiful, natural spots in Vietnam.

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Premium Valley Room

My wish is to stay always like this, living quietly in the corner of nature



The story began with a stunning rice valley, running through the area bringing life with it. Twelve luxury bungalows nestle on the mountainside and await a charm luxury boutique resort in the midst of nature. Inspired by ethnic culture, rattan ceilings and thatched roof blend seamlessly into a backdrop of imposing cloudy space, terraced rice fields, and the vast valley below.

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Deluxe Valley RoomPremium Valley RoomPremium Valley BungalowPool Bungalow SuiteFull Moon Bungalow
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Mother Nature is the true artist, and our job as cooks is to allow her to shine



The culinary journey at Dinh Pu Luong Restaurant is an escapade to pleasant and unforgettable memories. The finest seasonal ingredients are chosen from a close circle of farmers and prepared in fine dining quality. It is not just about the food itself but also about the highlight of authentic flavours and regional cuisine.

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There is no better place to find yourself than sitting by a windy valley and listening to its music

Herbal foot massage

Take the weight off your tired feet after a long day with our healthy and soothing herbal foot bath and massage.. Selections of traditional Vietnamese remedies are ready to ease your body and mind into the harmony of soft wind, birds singing, and leaves fluttering. Amid nature’s constant motion, this secluded place stands silently as a wellness sanctuary for travellers.

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Leave the roads, take the trails



This land never ceases to amaze us with its unique voices, sounds, music, and secrets. Whether you trek into the jungle, paddle through the waters, ride across the beaten tracks on a Motobike, or simply sit by the balcony on a meditative moment, every experience becomes a part of yourself.

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Stay close to nature and let your heart bloom lively. Rise to the light of dawn up in the hills, dive in the veneer-clear water with your feet patting onto the rocks by midday, and rekindle your love under the night sky, adorn with dimming candles, soft melodies and a lovely set up amidst the nature.

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Relive the beautiful memories in Hanasa Pu Luong Resort in lovely recaps of our customers’ vacations.

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